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Tundra Tabloids contributor, ChanahS, has a few observations from Israel.

Israeli FB groups circulating comments that she wasn’t so upset when Jews were targets of attacks. What’s more notable is the big smirk on the Jordanian guy’s face.

lefty morons

“Yes, there are many people engaged in willful fantasy here who still feel sorry for the Arabs, but most of us either never bought into that or have gotten over it.

The main push of the terror groups in israel has always been to strike at the seam where Jews and Arabs intersect.  What I call the settlement paradox is that most of us out here over the green line have had more day-to-day dealings with the Arabs than Tel Aviv leftists who only see mohammad the busboy after they finish their cafe latte.

While the pally line is that “settlements are an obstacle to peace”, in fact they were and still are the territory where Jews and Arabs deal with each other and do business–and that’s the only way people will develop actual relations.

That’s why the terrorists strike the rami levi supermarkets where Jews and Arabs work and shop together. The lack of any actual dealings with Arabs means that lefties are just running scared, appeasers who will give anything to get away from Arabs.  That’s why the belgians also failed. throwing welfare benefits into the no-go zones does not work.

Giving up parts of your country and hoping the muslims will take it and leave you alone doesn’t work either.  It’s like the analogy about throwing meat to the crocodile–works until you’re the only meat left.  At some point you have to shoot it.

NOTE: One more item is that trying to keep the Arabs away from Jewish contacts means its easier to demonize us and that instead of benefiting economically from doing business with Israelis, they are instead dependent on the unrwa /eu donor handouts.

One funny side point: despite years of blood libel b.s. that Israelis kill Palestinian kids to make matzot, the Arabs buy the heck out of them at the passover season. Even Haaretz (that red rag) carried this story which is a mind-boggling tale of rampant carb wolfing

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