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It’s exactly what I and others have been saying all along, the ”refugee crisis” is all about economic tourism, not about fear for one’s own life.

If not for the political buffoons domestically and abroad, we would not have been (still are) inundated with frauds draining our social services. This is all our fault more than anyone elses, we alone are to blame.

Norway wants to combat ‘asylum shopping’

Norway wants to combat 'asylum shopping'

Opponents of the government’s hard-line asylum plans at a January demonstration in Oslo. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Published: 11 Mar 2016 14:31 GMT+01:00

Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug says it’s not possible to pull out of the race to see which country can have the strictest asylum policies in Europe.

“As long as redistribution in Europe doesn’t work, there are just a few countries that are very attractive [destinations for refugees, ed.]. Norway is one of them,” Listhaug said.

European countries have recently been under fire for what critics say is a race to the bottom to establish the strictest national asylum policies.

But Listhaug said that with several Eastern European countries having agreed to accept refugees, the fact that the refugees don’t accept the offer is proof that for many asylum seekers are comparing the conditions of the host countries rather than settling for a place where they will be safe.

“It has developed into a form of asylum shopping, where the refugees themselves want to choose which country they can come to that has good welfare conditions and democracy,” she said.

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