Gaza Paleostinians


They didn’t really think that one through now did they?

And I’m glad they didn’t.

hamas tard flash mob

Aussie Dave @ Israellycool : Why This Gaza Flash Mob Is Music To My Ears


For one, it gives a glimpse at the ridiculousness of the idea that Gaza is some kind of open-air “concentration camp.” And it sure beats the last music videoto come out of Gaza.

But I also appreciate it for another reason.

The music accompaniment is “Shamstep” by a band called 47SOUL. No prizes for guessing that the name is derived from the year 1947, the year the UN partition plan of Palestine was introduced, which they see as “the last year in which their grandparents were able to move freely within their homeland.” Here’s more about the band members.


And here’s the irony. The term Bilad al-Sham hints towards their true origins.

Bilad al-Sham (Arabic: بلاد الشام‎, “the country of Syria”) was a Rashidun, Umayyad and later Abbasid Caliphate province in the region of Syria. It incorporated former Byzantine territories of the Diocese of the East, organized soon after the Muslim conquest of Syria in the mid-7th century, which was completed at the decisive Battle of Yarmouk.

More here.

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