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Something that the open borders fruitcakes refuse to answer is, when is enough, enough?

They want open borders for all, that is their cultish mindset.

Cutting the influx of migrants is now a ‘question of survival’ for Europe, warns Austria as it blasts the EU for failing to tackle the crisis 

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said the countries 'had to reduce the influx now' 

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said the countries ‘had to reduce the influx now’

  • Minister made warning after hosting summit for countries on Balkan route
  • Austria already under fire for limits on number of migrants entering country
  • Said they hoped to create pressure ‘so the EU can reach a solution’ 

Austria warned yesterday that reducing the record influx of migrants was a ‘question of survival’ for the European Union.

Vienna has come under fire from Germany and Greece for imposing daily limits on the number of migrants that can apply for asylum or pass through to other countries.

It hosted a summit yesterday with ministers from nine countries along the west Balkans route used by migrants travelling from Greece towards northern Europe.

‘We have to reduce the influx now. This is a question of survival for the EU,’ Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said after the talks. Austria believes measures are necessary because the EU has failed to get off the ground any effective common response to the continent’s biggest refugee crisis since 1945.

‘We want to generate pressure so that the EU can reach a solution. A partnership with Balkan countries is not only in the interest of these countries but also of the EU. We want to generate pressure and urgency,’ Mrs Mikl-Leitner said.

A joint statement from the participants said that after hundreds of thousands of people trekked through the Balkans last year, many ending up in Germany, Sweden and also Austria, the inflow must be ‘massively reduced’.

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