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Disturbed, but that’s what passes for normal at supposed institutions of higher learning.

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As you will read below, Puar’s appearance amounted to an anti-Israel  propaganda event at which Israel was portrayed in a manner reminiscent of ancient blood libels. A major theme of the talk was that Israel treats Palestinians as part of a type of scientific experiment developed to “stunt” Palestinian bodies.

— “So, was that speech written by some kind of random word generator? Because it makes absolutely no sense. Can you imagine sitting through a semester of her lectures?”
— She speaks Collectivist gobbledygook in at least two languages.
— Precisely. Queer theory -> Critical theory -> radical, emancipatory forms of Marxian theory and Social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole.


NOTE: For me, it’s like listening to someone drone about their cult’s core beliefs, full of incoherencies and fervor while looking at your watch and trying to get them to move from your front door step.

Vassar faculty-sponsored anti-Israel event erupts in controversy

 Posted by William A. Jacobson    Monday, February 8, 2016 at 8:40am

Invited speaker accuses Israel of scientific experiment in “stunting” growth of Palestinian bodies


Once again, Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, is mired in controversy regarding anti-Israel activities on campus involving Vassar faculty.

The controversy surrounds the February 3, 2016, appearance of Rutgers Associate Professor Jasbir Puar at the invitation of several Vassar departments, including Jewish Studies.

At the outset of the appearance, according to the Vassar alumni/parent/friends group Fairness to Israel (FTI), a request was made by the Vassar professor introducing the speaker not to record the event, although it was acknowledged that it was legal to do so:

Before I give my brief remarks, I would like to request that you silence your devices you brought with you so as not to disrupt the conversation with Professor Puar is conducting with us today. I would also like to request on her behalf and on behalf of the rest of the assembly that you refrain from recording this evening’s proceedings, in the spirit of congeniality and mutual respect, though it is not against the law, to record someone vocation professional labor without informing them, it is quite unseemly and violates the modest contract of trust essential to the exchange of ideas.

Requesting non-recording of an open, public event on the pretext that non-recording is “essential to the exchange of ideas” is odd.

When I make public appearances I almost always record them because I am not afraid that what I say will be used against me, but because I don’t want people claiming I said something I didn’t say. I have posted several of my appearances on YouTube precisely to facilitate the “exchange of ideas.”

If exchange of ideas was the goal, why would the Vassar faculty sponsors of the Puar event not want it recorded?

More here. H/T: ChanahS.

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