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Over at The Blaze, in an article dealing with Bret Baier’s questioning of Ted Cruz’s over his supposed double talk on his amendment in 2013 that supposedly supported legalizing illegals (he didn’t, he claims that was highlighting the Dem’s hypocrisy at the time, their failure to back his bill proved his point) the following comment by Catalyst provides IMHO the best depiction of Donald Trump’s SOP that continually paves the way for his success. He’s the ultimate teflon guy.

Guys like Trump have dismissed so many things that many are numb to his detractions and focus on his entertainment. Guys like Cruz are like a clean white car with one bird poop on the hood….unfortunately, that’s all people will see. Trump is like a car parked under a phone line lined with pigeons and when people start to focus on all the poop, he lifts the hood and starts to brag about how awesome it is….a great distractor.


What scares me is that this Johnny come lately to Republican conservatism who is prone to bark big government (anti-conservative) ideas, can use his skills and do actual damage. His megalomania is not an endearing feature to me. I advise, tread with extreme caution.

NOTE: With all that said, Trump does indeed exhibit the ability to listen, and change course when convincing arguments are made. And above all, he has shown himself to be a leader, which is much more than many of his detractors can say. I’m still evaluating him as a possible choice as a candidate.

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