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It’s exactly why I label them paleostinians.

The reason as to why this isn’t an international incident is because it has become the accepted normal by the rest of the non-Islamic world. It’s what they’ve come to expect from the islamonazis. This is how the non-violent portion of the Islamic world behaves to the regular outrages of their fellow co-religionists at home.

NOTE: This underlines the need for us to NEVER let this become normal in our societies like it has become in the Islamic world.

Meanwhile, as the barbarous nature of the Islamic world is for all to see, the West, or more correctly, representatives of major western states, play with it, even suckle it like a piglet on the teat of its mother. This comes at the expense of behaving rationally and morally responsible, seen by the dissing of the lone true representative government in teh region, Israel

Why does the British Royal Family visit Saudi Arabia but not Israel?

The Prince of Wales shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the CO21 conference

The Prince of Wales shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the CO21 conference Photo: Getty Images

Members of the Royal family regularly visit authoritarian Arab states, but they have never made an official trip to Israel

When Prince Charles threaded through the hallways of last week’s climate change conference in Paris, he swapped ideas with world leaders on how to confront the dangers of a warming planet.

But Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, had something else on his mind. During a brief meeting, he invited the Prince of Wales to pay an official visit to Israel.

Mr Netanyahu’s offer – like dozens of others extended by Israeli leaders to the Royal family – is unlikely to be taken up.

In the 67 years since Israel was founded in territory once controlled by Britain, no member of the Royal family has ever visited in an official capacity. While Prince Charles and others have occasionally set foot in Israel, Buckingham Palace and the British Government have been at pains to stress they were personal visits and not official ones.

More here. H/T: ChanaS

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