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UPDATE: [Another source with contacts within the police community says the suspected rape victim (cop) is actually at another post, so I’m removing the portion about any scrubbing by the Häme police dept. of their web pages. Personally I hope the entire claim is debunked, but most importantly, the truth about what happened in the asylum center comes to light. I will be updating this post as more info comes in.]

Also, in the Finnish tabloid magazine Seiska, the police chief was questioned about the incident and gave a rather interesting answer. The assistant police chief did not dismiss the rumor as unsubstantiated but only denied any knowledge of the incident. The denial is not convincing.

Of tyranny and deception.

What is worse, a female police officer being raped, or a state forcing a police station to shut its trap  in order to preserve the official sanctioned narrative? In this way, and give me some leeway here, a gulag archipelago is more honest, and for all the obvious reasons.

Hennala garrison. NOTE: I cannot confirm that this in fact has happened, but from a reliable source I have ascertained the following:

“I have heard from a reliable source that a police patrol was sent to the scene at Hennala after an outnumbered female police officer had been raped. The matter has not been made public in order to escape “a lynching mood”. Investigate it yourself, I can’t personally strew this around because I am closely involved with the police in a certain way, but among the police, this kind of incident can’t be allowed to be covered up.”

From the TT source who was notified about this: “Some police officers are pissed off with the cover-up. The person in question does not want to publish this with his own name because she regularly interacts with the police force in an (undescribed) capacity.

This scene was taken from inside the asylum center by (presumably) an asylum seeker, after the incident where police were forced to intervene with teargas.

Prior stories of Hennela barracks turned into asylum center, now (claimed) a rape center female officers are afraid to enter unaccompanied by male colleagues.

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  1. This is bullshit. Finnish polices has a real gun. They know how to use it. Who is an idiot and thinks that armed police woman let gang of men to rape her without using the strongest armory she got. This tabloid is rubbish.

    1. This is a claim “Be Honest”, and has been repeated in the post. The police’s actions and the unwillingness to explain in detail surrounding the use of teargas to quell the occupants in the facility has never been properly explained, as well as the words of the chief of police of the precinct in question, not rejecting outright the rumor of a rape, but only that he has no knowledge of it. Those are the facts of the aftermath, if the claims are proven not to hold any water, then the claim is proven wrong.

  2. Be honest on, you really don`t know anything about police activity….. you can`t use the gun that Way….ir your haver suddenly 10 men All around your, how would you manage that? I think you should sleep one night at the refugee camp….

  3. It was actually a policeman who was raped. He escaped by using pepperspray.

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