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A party in need of implosion.

Just as a party’s politics and policies require reformation, the party leadership should also be refreshed regularly,” Arhinmäki said in his speech. “For the Left Alliance’s development to continue we need new ideas and new faces. That is why I will not be available when the next chair is chosen, and next summer’s party meeting will choose a new chairperson.”

Here’s some advice, just disband and stop screwing with society, we’ve had enough of you regressive throwbacks. As well as those within the Greens Party and the SDP. The pseudo conservatives in the National Coalition (Kokoomus) and Center Party (Keskusta) should re-acquaint themselves with the Enlightenment philosophers and stop what they’re doing as well.

NOTE: Arhinmäki is another lefty anti-Israel puke

Arhinmäki drops out of Left Alliance leadership race

Vasemmistoliiton puheenjohtaja Paavo Arhinmäki.

Seven-year Left leader Paavo Arhinmäki announced on Saturday that he will not be applying for a continuation of his chair position in the Left Alliance next summer.

Left Alliance chair Paavo Arhinmäki will not be applying to continue as the party’s leader in next summer’s party meeting. Arhinmäki announced his dropout in the Left Alliance’s delegation meeting in Helsinki on Saturday.

Arhinmäki justified his decision by his seven-year run as party chair and his leadership of the Left Youth prior to his long chair stint.

He added that the party needs a change from being tied to a single figurehead.


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