And YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster (fake news media) can be expected to highlight such news, because it fits the narrative like a hand to the glove. Cute kid though.

H/T: Fjordman

Born into asylum: Recent refugee arrivals celebrate healthy baby girl

A newborn baby girl was born in Finland a week ago in Suonenjoki to asylum-seeker parents, meaning that the as yet unnamed child is considered an asylum-seeker as well.

Tummaihoinen tyttövauva pipo päässä.
Image: Varpu Mäntymäki / Yle

A baby girl was born in the Kuopio University Hospital a week ago, and the early November arrival is the toast of the local asylum seeker community. The child, who has not yet been named, was conceived in Iraq and made the long and dangerous trip to northern Finland.

When the family arrived in Suonenjoki, the mother was first diagnosed as overdue, but her condition was later re-appraised and she delivered a healthy baby girl. For the time being, the family is calling her “our Finnish girl”, according to interpreter Haidar Al-Musawi.

The girl’s father Omar and doulah Hanna Ripaoja were on hand to assist Rawaa, the mother, in her delivery.

“A birth is taxing to anyone, let alone if you’re thousands of kilometres from home,” Ripaoja says.

Anna Mikkonen from the Federation of Mother and Child Homes says she is delighted to hear of the family’s good fortune. But she also says that Rawaa was lucky, as not all asylum-seekers with small children have experiences as positive as hers.

“Traumatic experiences and long asylum battles tire parents out, and workers at the reception centres are very rushed,” Mikkonen says. “Family coffee klatsches and the like are great because they are communal, but some centres can feel cramped and dreary.”


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