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He should still be in an orange jumpsuit swatting mosquitos.

The US had plenty on him, but this is what happens when the weight of islamonazi friendly activism camps out on the porches of feckless weak-in-the-knees politicians.

Shaker’s joy as he hugs son he’s never met: British prisoner reunited with children at secret location as he is released from Guantanamo Bay after 14 years 

Shaker Aamer reunited with children as he is released from Guantanamo Bay

The emotional encounter with 13-year-old Faris (left), born on Valentine’s Day, 2002 – the day Aamer was incarcerated in the brutal US-run prison camp in Cuba – came at a London clinic where the father-of-four is being treated for a catalogue of physical and psychological illnesses. Mr Aamer, 48, was reunited with Faris and his other three children Saif (second from left), Michael (second from right) and Johina (right) after they were picked up by his lawyer en route to a secret rendezvous.

The youngsters carried presents for their father. Mr Aamer’s torture case against the UK Government was partly settled in a £1 million deal brokered by former Cabinet minister Ken Clarke in 2010. Under the terms of the settlement, 16 British citizens and residents held at Guantanamo Bay between 2002 and 2010 agreed to drop their torture claims against the UK government in return for payments of up to £1 million each. He is pictured inset with children Johina and Michael.

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