They first hit the Jews then export their terror tactics around the globe.

  • BREAKING: Terrorist attempts to stab soldier in West Bank junction by Beit El

    [A terrorist attempted to stab an Israeli soldier Friday afternoon at a West Bank junction by the settlement of Beit El.

    According to initial reports, the knife wielding terrorist was run over by Border Police forces on sight, and taken in for investigation.

    An additional Palestinian threw a molotov cocktail at the forces, and riots broke out on the scene; No one was injured in the incident.]


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Video: Three German Tourists Attacked With Knife in Fez

Video: Three German Tourists Attacked With Knife in Fez

Fez – A shocking video, posted about an hour ago, shows a group of German tourists badly injured after they were assaulted by two people who attacked them with knives on Friday in Fez.

The video shows three tourists, two males and one female, in shock after they were attacked by two people, who are reported to be under the influence of hard drugs, known in Morocco as Karkoubi.

Eyewitnesses told Morocco World News that the assault happened in the Talaa Lakbira, one of the neighborhoods most frequented by foreign tourists visiting Fez.

As soon as the attack occurred, a group of passerby intervened and pull the attackers down. The video shows a group of people trying to provide support to the victims, while another group is surrounding the authors of the crime.

The victims have been immediately taken to Fez University Hospital (CHU) to receive the necessary care.

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  1. The Fez attack on those poor tourists had nothing to do with tourists. The attackers were just some thieves drug addicts. A lot of Moroccans fell victims to such delinquents. The Moroccan police is to blame here for not providing security to citizens and tourists.

    1. The stabbing of a Jew my a tard high on jihad had nothing to do with terrorism? really?

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