Shiites in Finland sunnivs-shi'a fued


What the hell?

shiites in helsinki

Thanks to our great batch of politicians, we now have shiites marching through our streets of the once modern, liberal city of Helsinki. Great going SDP, Kokoomus, Center Party and the rest of the alphabet soup of loser political parties. This is what consensus politics gets you.

NOTE: The imam wears a white turban, signifying he doesn’t claim to be related to mohamed. This is the kind of information ( which I couldn’t care less about in my daily life) we’ve come to acquire because of being forced to rub up against these 7th century throwbacks.

H/T: Vasara Hammer

Also from Vlad just a few mins ago:

The arrest of a Palestinian opened fire on Ashouraiah march in Copenhagen – Denmark

This would appear to be video of the arrest of the Sunni Palestinian who shot at a Shiia ashura march in Copenhagen yesterday. Iranian PRESS News has reported extensively on what they call, ‘Takfiri threats’ meaning Sunnis who accuse Shiia of apostasy

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