Islam in Denmark Rape


Was he ever really a refugee in the first place?

But we do know that he was a serial rapist, and would never have been allowed to rape in Copenhagen in the first place if not for being let in by the government at the time.

Copenhagen serial rapist faces expulsion

Copenhagen serial rapist faces expulsion

The man was found guilty in Copenhagen City Court. Photo: Colourbox

Published: 21 Oct 2015 12:37 GMT+02:00

The man that Copenhagen Police suspected was behind a series of rapes and attempted rapes in the capital was convicted on Wednesday.
The court found the 25 year old, who came to Denmark in 2008 as a UN quota refugee, guilty of three rapes and two attempted rapes.
The man will be held in open-ended preventive custody and could also face expulsion from Denmark and an entry ban.
He was sentenced to what is known as forvaring, a sentence with no concrete end date. Under the sentence, the convicted appears in court after a period of five years for a determination of continuation. After the initial five years, there will be an annual determination.
The jury also ruled that if the man is released from prison he should be expelled from Denmark and face an entry ban.
The man’s lawyer filed an immediate appeal against the court’s decision.

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