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Massacre at Turkish peace rally: Shocking moment DOUBLE suicide bombing rips through crowd killing NINETY-SEVEN and injuring up to 400 at pro-Kurdish protest

  • Witnesses described seeing two explosions at Pro-Kurdish rally
  • Multiple casualties suffered in the blast at road function in Ankara
  • Turkish state media claim attack caused by suicide bomber 
  • Government ban images of bomb blast as tensions continue to run high 

Two explosions have ripped through a pro-Kurdish peace rally in the Turkish capital of Ankara, leaving at least 97 people dead and up to 400 injured.

Witnesses described how the blast shook the ground at the road junction near the main train station in the centre of the Turkish capital Ankara, leaving body parts and debris all over the road.

Video footage has since emerged of protesters holding hands and dancing together just as the bomb is detonated in the background at 10:05 am.

Seconds later, the blast tore through the crowd of people, maiming dozens of innocent bystanders.


Terrifying: Peaceful demonstrators react as the powerful blast goes off in the background

Terrifying: Peaceful demonstrators react as the powerful blast goes off in the background

Desperate situation: Several people try to help an badly injured man shortly after the deadly blast

Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu confirmed that 62 people were killed in the blast and a further 24 people have since died in hospital. The figure has since risen, with the Turkish Medical Association claiming up to 97 people are dead and over 400 wounded.

Three days of mourning have been announced as the country grieved following one of the worst terror attacks in Europe.

Emergency services have been struggling to deal with the sheer number of wounded people in the aftermath of the blast.

The flags and banners which were being used to promote Kurdish rights in the demonstration were turned into makeshift stretchers by protesters tending to the injured.

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