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In other words, don’t rape our women.

Why would we want to import people who need to be told that unwanted sexual advances/harassment are a prosecutable offence?


Asylum seekers’ “sex in Finland” lesson

Asylum seekers get guidance on sex norms in Finland

Finland is reportedly giving asylum seekers information on issues regarding sexuality, sex related law, and sexual health, Ilta-Sanomat writes.

The paper writes that the programme, led by the Immigration Service and the Family Federation, is aimed at clarifying the differences between Finland’s more liberal western attitude towards sex and cultural boundaries between genders here.

The sexualised media of the west could be confusing to a newcomer, the paper writes.

The paper writes that asylum seekers are being told:

Pornography is theatre of sorts, not the same as sex, and viewing it is not obligatory; unwanted sexual advances are illegal; that women dress to be looked at, not touched.

The guidance also delves into Finnish law regarding consensual sex, sexual harassment and sexual assault, the paper writes. They also detail the issue of equal rights of women in Finnish society, how divorce works here and that homosexuality is legal in Finland.

Director of the reception centre in Oulu Jenni Korpikari says that many asylum seekers are interested – with some fascinated – about Finnish gender and sexual norms, the paper writes.


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