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OCTOBER 2015  Yale follies (cont’d)

The ivy league school recently announced a new Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School.

Last month, we introduced our readers to the inadvertently comic spectacle of Stephen Davis, hapless Master of Pierson College at Yale University. Professor Davis, to the delight of connoisseurs of cant, donned the mantle of ostentatious, politically correct self-congratulation by announcing to the world that he was too egalitarian to bear the title “Master” or even, reading between the lines, “man” (“gender equity,” you know).

Professor Davis doubtless approves of Pope Francis’s attacks on capitalism and fossil fuels (though we are uncertain where he stands on the great moral issue of air-conditioning: it can get hot in New Haven). We suspect that he is oozing sympathy, too, for the recent announcement that Yale, the beneficiary of a $10 million gift, would be creating a Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School.

The Center will be named for its donor, the Saudi businessman Abdallah S. Kamel, the same chap whose earlier gift to Yale brought the Tunisian Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi to campus. Some reports described the Sheikh as “controversial.” Ah, yes, “controversial,” an anodyne euphemism that, in the Sheikh’s case, compasses longtime support of radical Islamic terror groups. He has repeatedly called for Muslims to wage “unceasing war against the Americans.” He signed on to a fatwa in 2004 calling for the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq, has publicly endorsed Palestinian terrorism as “wonderful,” and has encouraged the terror group Hamas to “get rid of the Zionist cancer,” i.e. Israel.

More here. H/T: Diana West

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