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It’s an amazing example of cognitive dissonance, on the one hand they insist that you can’t link (equate) I.S. with mainstream Islam and other muslims, and then they go and do just that, they themselves LINK mainstream Islam and muslims in general with Islamic State. LOL!

Islamic State ISIS art


Pretty curious. We have been told time and time again that IS has absolutely nothing to do with genuine Islam and our pseudo-intellectual quacks in the West are very eager to claim that IS itself is continually making a travesty of Islam by what they are doing.

Getting panicky seems to be the most illogical thing to be doing in this context: if you make a satire of fanatics that are widely deemed distorters of genuine Islam in the West, than why on earth are these people concerned about trampling on the sensitivities of purportedly genuine Muslim communities by creating such an exhibition, criticizing puritans on the alleged fringes of Islam, as we have been led to believe ?

Surely, there should be no need for such a kneejerk tail-between-the-legs reaction. Unless of course they’re now implicitly admitting, of sorts, that the Islamic State’s ‘distorted’ Islam is actually much more akin to the widespread ‘genuine’ Islam the vast majority of Muslims in the West adhere to ?

Interesting conundrum and a clear contradictio in terminis if ever there was one.

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