Only a confident national identity will be able to mount an opposition to the crippling of the national character by feckless politicians ingrained with the idea that we need X amount of bodies (from anywhere) to help create enough revenue in maintaining the socialist welfare state in the future.

FM: Vlad: From Green Infidel, our man on the ground there:

The main chant is “Poles against immigrants” – which is the slogan of the series of marches across Poland, over the past month.

The banner says “Every Arab should remember. For us Poland is a sacred thing”.

Btw, this march is in Slupsk – a city with a mayor, Robert Biedron, who earlier was Poland’s first openly-gay member of Parliament. After taking office, one of his first actions was to take down a portrait of Pope John Paul II from the city hall, and then he announced that there would be “parity” in naming streets (one street named after a woman, for every one named after a man). Recently, he has been a very vocal? supporter of Poland taking in more refugees, and has said he “doesn’t mind if the city is full of Poles or full of Syrians”.

The “Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper is one of his biggest cheerleaders, having touted him? to be Poland’s next president, and he has a big fanclub among the newspaper’s most loyal readers.

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