Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


This is the legacy that this generation of leaders are leaving future generations.

Tornio scrambles to find emergency lodging for 1,000

Beginning Tuesday, asylum seekers in emergency accommodation in north-western Finland will be transferred to a new reception hub to be opened in a former Tornio High School building. The Finnish Red Cross has abandoned plans to put them up in tents as chilly, wet and windy weather is in the short-term forecast.

Tornion lyseon lukion entiset tilat
A new central administrative centre is to open in former Tornio High School facilities. Image: Laura Holappa / Yle

Finnish Red Cross (FRC) officials and local authorities in the north-western Finnish border town of Tornio hope to find emergency accommodation in the next few days for at least 700, perhaps even more than 1,000 asylum seekers. The FRC Lapland district expects hundreds of asylum seekers to arrive daily from Sweden within the next few days.

The first new emergency accommodation facility to be opened in Tornio is the Lappia business centre, which should be able to house about 180 asylum seekers. Another possible location is the nearby Lappia sports hall, which can fit up to 500 people.

“We want to avoid the previously-planned tent accommodation because the forecast for the next few days predicts cool, rainy and windy weather. We’ll only use tents as a last resort,” SPR official Annikki von Pandy told Yle.

The FRC is also looking into the possibility of using the Pudas sports hall, which would fit 400 people.

On Tuesday, asylum seekers in emergency accommodation will be transferred to a new central administrative centre in former Tornio High School facilities.


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