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What didn’t she understand, it’s a ”men’s barbershop”.

This is pure leftist enforced tyranny. There’s more than enough beauty shops/hair salons around for this jackass and her boyfriend to get their hair cut. Here in Finland, there’s basically, ONLY, female hair salons where you can get your hair trimmed, and I would personally like a man’s barber, since I don’t watch soap operas, or know anything about the latest trends in women’s fashion.

Societies and businesses that cater to a certain clientele have the right to operate (but the state muscles in anyways) according to their own guidelines, there are more than enough establishments in the US to cater to an umpteenth number of different clientele, this is pure enforced conformity. Tyranny.

NOTE: If the man really wanted to be a complete ass, he would have said, ok, then proceed to mangle her hair.

Barbershop Fined For Refusing To Cut Woman’s Hair

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — Ask any client at Barbiere in Washington County and he’ll tell you the upscale gentleman’s barbershop offers more than just your typical haircut.

From the rugged décor to the macho atmosphere, it’s a place where guys can unwind with a complimentary cocktail or enjoy a cold beer.

“[I] come here, talk sports, guy talk. A great place to get away after a hard day’s work, get a haircut and have a beer,” said client Robert Craig.

Now, the business is at the center of a heated debate after owner John Interval was fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman’s hair.

She filed an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

That agency imposed the fine for gender discrimination after a state investigator visited the business and interviewed Interval.

More here.

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