Why is the media not focusing on the fact that Turkey is doing nothing to stop these people from crossing a dangerous track of water in rubber dhingies?

These people could be better helped in the nearby areas of their troubled homelands, not in the waving of carrots (open ended asylum policy) that allows for them to be preyed upon by every nefarious crook along their way.

Pictured cradling her baby, the migrant mother who drowned with her two sons after telling relative she didn’t want to board the doomed boat to Greece as she was ‘so scared of the water’

Tima Kurdi who drowned with sons Aylan and Galip did not want to attempt crossing to

This is the first picture of Rehan Kurdi (above centre with son Aylan) who drowned alongside her two sons when their overcrowded boat, filled with refugees, capsized shortly into the crossing to the Greek Island of Kos. Just a week earlier Rehan had confided in her sister-in-law Tima Kurdi (above left) that she was scared of water and didn’t want to make the journey. Heartbroken Ms Kurdi revealed she had given the family the money to pay for the perilous passage after their bid to move to Canada was rejected.

She told how she has now begged her devastated brother, Addullah (top right), not to return to Syria to bury Rehan, three-year-old Aylan and five-year-old Galip. But the heartbroken aunt says her sibling is glad that pictures of his youngster son’s body being recovered from the Turkish beach (bottom right) is raising awareness of the plight of millions of refugees fleeing from Syria.

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NOTE: If you have any humanity, you can’t help but sympathize with these people, but the answer to their problems doesn’t lie in their ”making it into Europe”, but their being taken care of where they are, in N.Africa and in the Middle East. It’s the most humane way in handling their situations.

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  1. OKthe death of a young child is sad – but clearly the media and muslims in particular are milking this for all it’s worth.

    You can bet that several small children died today in Europe – by darting out onto roads, falling out of apartment windows, choking to death on watch batteries. All of these are equally tragic – but you’ll never hear of them.

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