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Gee, they didn’t want to warn the locals about this kind of cultural exchange, now did they?

Women experienced harassment in the middle of the town

– It was so sickening. Now, the girl doesn’t dare to any longer walk alone in town, describes an anonymous mother of a 17-year-old girl was forcibly harassed in the middle of broad daylight on Sunday, while at the store.

According to the girl, two man reportedly of foreign origin, had taken to following her into the store. One of the men in particular, had come very close to the girl and stared at her. – The men then left to wait for my daughter outside the store. The girl was waiting inside the store for some time for the men to leave, but had to finally call her father to pick her up.

– She was tearful throughout the evening. We wondered together what should be done. At least a police report had been made. It’s a horrible feeling when your own children are harassed, the girl’s mother says.

The case has attracted a lot of controversy, particularly in the social media, where the weight opinion has been very critical. Previously, the 13-year-old girl has experienced to being molested. Also, women passing through a hanging bridge have received shouts and cat whistles.

Actions taken

According to the Deputy Director of the asylum seekers’ reception center operating at Haukankoski, Helena Noroila, that due to problems in getting the information, they began to take action as soon as Friday. – Directors visited all departments and relayed about the common rules. On Monday afternoon, Mayor Lauri Inna met all the inhabitants of Haukankoski facility, through interpreters, and explained how coexistence with the municipality may continue.

– Of course, such experiences are serious and they have to be investigated with the police. What’s in question is adult people, in which our control is not always enough, Noroila says.

According to her, the reception center resident population currently, is too great. – The situation has been abnormal, and the risks are high. We would like nothing more than to alleviate the situation, because we are aware of the problems. We want to take care of things by calmly discussing them.

Noroila says that after last week Thursday, the Punkalaitumen reception center has not accepted new residents. This week, in addition to the backlog, will terminate the transfer of asylum seekers to the unlocked Harjavalta center.

Three points

The mayor, Lauri Inna, says about three principled message delivered on Monday, through interpreters, to the residents of each ward of the reception center.

– I emphasized that the respect of other people is everything. This is the number one thing in all dealings. Secondly, the Punkalaidun has zero tolerance for violence. Any indication of any violence will not be tolerated and very even small gestures and observations is critical. Third, that in Finnish society, the respect for women and children are above all else.

More here in Finnish. H/T: Vasara Hammer

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