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The problem being however, they’re looking at it with approving eyes.

The fake humanitarian Swedes will now dust off their ”humanitarian super power’ status and strut their stuff, while they own society collapses of course.

Sweden in spotlight for biggest asylum share

Sweden in spotlight for biggest asylum share

Migrants in the Mediterranean being helped by British troops this week. Photo: TT

Published: 13 May 2015 15:53 GMT+02:00

Asylum figures by the EU’s statistics watchdog Eurostat this week confirmed that Sweden is continuing to take in a bigger share of asylum seekers than any other member state, when compared to existing population size.

Around 9.6 million people live in the Nordic nation and asylum was granted to more than 33,000 refugees last year.

This means that for every one million people in Sweden, the Nordic nation took in 3,424 asylum seekers in 2014.

By contrast, Germany took in 589 per one million, while for the UK the figure was just 218.

Sweden’s rate of acceptance was also the highest in the EU.

77 percent of applicants were granted protection in their first attempt and 18 percent of appeals received positive decisions in 2014.

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  1. “There is no such thing as Swedish values. Those are modern values,”

    Of course thee ae Swedish values, subtle and not subtle expectations and ways of relating to each other , that are uniquely Swedish. I see that as a non-Swede whenever I go to Sweden – or any other culture with its own history. Being in Sweden is very different to being in Finland which is just next door. And drive a hundred kms east to Russia and there again is a massive change in values, not just language.
    If this guy cannot see the differences – perhaps he should go somewhere exotic – like northern Syria for example.

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