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That’s right, come one, come all.

What’s not being discussed, is the Muslim/Arab world’s refusal to take in all of their co-religionists, they certainly have the dough to do it but want the West to take the burden and Islamize itself in the process.

‘Non-existent’ EU cooperation on refugees

'Non-existent' EU cooperation on refugees

Refugees in Lampedusa, Italy in 2013. Photo: TT

Published: 02 Oct 2014 15:34 GMT+02:00

Malmström was speaking ahead of the first anniversary of the Lampedusa disaster. In September 2013, 366 people died when a boat sank off the coast of the Italian island.

She argued that EU countries should take more action to share the burden of taking in refugees from outside the European Union, suggesting that nations should work more closely together “to develop a responsibility distribution mechanism between all EU countries”.

The commissioner said that solidarity within the EU when it came to taking in refugees was “on the whole non-existent” at present.

Some countries receive only “a handful” refugees even though “the world around us is on fire,” she argued.

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  1. So the Muslim world is a cesspool of hate and violence.

    And Swedish politicians think by destroying the homogeneity of the Swedish population base will some how help.

    What has happened to the Swedish ability to look forward? Does multiculturalism make you blind to long term consequences?

    Do the Swedish politicians really think that Sweden will be better off looking like the Balkans?

    What a bunch of myopic imbeciles.

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