Islam in Mexico



This is how it begins.

And I do not need apologists whining in my ear that I’m overstating the issue, just remember the former majority of the  Kopts of Egypt, the Assyrian Christians of the Levant, the once Christian majority of Bethlehem and Nazareth, the Christian Lebanese, the Christian rump minority of the once majority Christian Iraq and formerly Christian Turkey. Those who do not learn from the past are destined to commit colossal errors in the future.

NOTE: what should be done, is a massive evangelization project targeting this small community of the brainwashed, to nip things in the bud.

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  1. Don’t count on it!

    Those schmucks of the Vatican in this corner of the world (‘Latin’ America) are more concerned about the ‘illuminati’, the so-called ‘new age’ and other ghost (imaginary) threats than about this, a real and dangerous one, that already started to predate on our people.

    I, as a (cultural) Catholic from South America, am sick of the stupidity and cowardice that runs the Vatican. The Vatican is more likely (and concerned) to send Evangelization efforts to Non-muslim coutries which don’t need them rather than send them to rehabilitate muslims and cure the islamic cancer that afflicts them, even inside (Catholic) Christian countries.

    I don’t even understand why certain circles inside the Catholic institution still consider the Jews as enemies and look at them with hateful eyes and even insist on continue to blame them for Jesus Christ’s death (ignoring Benedict XVI calls to not blame them for it), but are so eager to welcome these accursed and hateful muslim satanic beasts (the ones responsible -aside from the Vatican- for the demise of Christianity in Middle East, Africa an elsewhere).

    We also have our share of muslim infiltrators (both sunni and shiite) and the Catholic Church lets them run free, recruiting and poisoning people’s minds.

  2. Terrible. Islam es una de las peores religiones. Basta ver lo que estan haciendo en Africa, en Filipinas. Todos matan en nombre de Allah. Estan matando a gente!. Y las Republicas Islamicas?? Un regimen totalmente totalitario donde la gente es castigada por cualquier tonteria. Donde la gente no musulmana es desriminada. En Iran ahorcan a gente por estupideces. Las mujeres son un zero a la izquierda. Mexico tiene demasiados problemas, como para encima poner mas basura. El Islam es la religion que esta creciendo mas rapida en el mundo… y esto ha traido el 95% de terrorismo en el mundo.

  3. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird…..

    Forgive me for such uninspired and repetitious pontification……..

    I have read your warnings above and am aware of that which rolls and boils on our southern borders, a mirror reflection of that which rolls and boils on the horizons of every civilized Western country……..I am reminded of, echoes really, of fragments really, of an essay I wrote regarding the emergence of pedophilia in our western world and how, all of us, regardless of mitigation, regardless of self serving excusing soliloquy we sing…….are responsible for the destruction of our sacred gifts, of the destruction of our children…… too now, as Islam chews its way into our lives…..we are responsible for both the destruction of those gifts given us by men and women far greater than the sum total of all of us, we ungrateful and ridden with amnesia, but solely responsible for forging, through outrageous crimes of commission or the gut wrenching crimes of cowardly omission, the shackles to be worn by a hundred generations hence………and when those generations speak of us….and they will…..when the singers of song and the writers of tomes historical speak to our abdication of our duty, of our betrayal of that torch passed to us from failing hands, a torch we extinguished in the excrement of cowardice and service to self……may they sing hotly, may they pour out their scorn on our graves, may they show us for who we really are……….craven wretched cowards…..may we be that which those children despise……may we be that which they resolve, even upon pain of their deaths, to never ever be like.

    Forgive what may seem the irrelevant or the difference in subject matter……betrayal has a common thread and cuts just as deeply.

    So now…..I will post a few paragraphs from “As Pedophiles Devour Our Children”…..they hold to account the cowards and point the finger of accusation both at those who allowed their children to be devoured by monsters and at those who allowed the light of the civilized world to be devoured by those cut from the same bolt of cloth as those who seek the beds of children; the Muslims.

    “Are you sitting there in your chair, your hands clenched in fists of rage?…..have you leaned forward, your head in your hands, sickened at what you have not done?……did you pour a glass of liquor and wander over to the window, and, looking up into the night sky, implore the darkness give you answer?……do you seek answers to your questions of how, in the name of God you ask , have we arrived here at this miserable point in time?……do you hear the laughter of your cowardice as it rings in your ears, mocking you, taunting you, laughing at the repulsive weakened shell you so proudly call a man or woman?…….do you stand amongst the sentinels and silence of a forest and see the faces of the children you betrayed… waves break upon the shore do you not hear the laughter of those who sentence your children to a lifetime of blackest misery and sleepless nights?… you strain your ears on the evening wind as if to hear providential whisper giving you absolution for your sullen betrayal of trust and faith?…….well my friends, do not look to the heavens for answer to your miserable plight, instead, look in the mirror and find before you the man or woman who turned their backs as your children cried out.

    They said it was all about enlightenment, they lied. They said there was no slippery slope, they lied. They said it was all about tolerance and inclusion, they lied. They said the morals and ethics that provided our civilization stewardship for thousands of years were outdated and criminal, they lied. They said virtue and faith in God was of no relevance, they lied. They said it would not weaken our culture nor destroy the fabric of our families, they lied. They said they were not the destroyers of innocence, they lied. They said they would never come for our children, they lied.

    We have abdicated our responsibilities as husbands and wives, as mothers and fathers, as sons and daughters and as brothers and sisters. We have taken the providential gift of free will and spat in the face of our Creator. We willingly place our children in the arms of those who seek the destruction of the same, in the arms of the murderers of defenseless innocence. We knew that out of their mouths fell the foulest of lies but we turned and shuffled quietly away, the screams of our children, violated and betrayed, ringing in our ears. We have taken the lives of our children, lives so precious, lives so utterly dependant on the strength of our character, lives so utterly dependent on our commitment to the oath made before God at an alter, and made them fodder for the insatiable appetites of the monstrously depraved.

    Look now, at those who stand just beyond our gates; Luciferian, leering, criminal, depraved, sexual sadists and predators who, smug, satisfied, made brave in the knowledge we will not defend even the weakest among us, wait to climb into the beds of our children and violate, in the most grotesquely unspeakable ways, our sacred gifts.

    How miserably wretched we are…….

    We should not be surprised as, drawing from a wealth of apathy and selfish ignorance, we are guilty of, either through omission or commission, a virtually endless list of crimes. Forgetting for a moment our sons and daughters that walk beside us, was it not we who allowed the most defenseless, the unborn, to be murdered? Was it not we who, for a sense of empowerment, reached up into our bodies and snuffed out millions of lives? Was it not we who called it a choice, liberation, freedom, emancipation, a right, progressive change and lastly and so utterly laughable; a woman’s health issue.

    Oh how progressive……oh how enlightened….oh how empowered, to dress up the decision to commit murder in the robes of nothing more troublesome than an after dinner dilemma over a desert selection.

    Was it not we who laid on gurneys as “Doctors” rid us of a bothersome inconvenience even up to and in excess of 24 weeks of gestation? Was it not we who, through partial birth abortion, allowed labor to be induced? Was it not we who allowed the head of a 6 month old fetus to breech and then listened as forceps were driven into the base of its skull and stirred about thereby rendering the contents of the child’s head an easier target for the vacuum cleaner? Was it not we who laid there as a child, in the vaginal canal, so wretchedly abandoned, so pitifully helpless, writhed in the agonizing throes of death?

    Was it not we who violated the sanctity of the womb and bathed innocence manifest with saline acid and then turned away as it writhed in agony, dying a horrific death? Was it not we who turned away, indifferent, discussing tee-times and cucumber sandwiches within arms reach of mortally wounded children, torn from wombs, left to convulse and die on operating room tables, their pitiful tortured, ragged gasps screaming volumes to our murderous lack of even the slightest shred of humanity?

    It was we. It was us, all of us. It was doctors and nurses. It was politicians. It was bureaucrats. It was judges and lawyers. It was feminists and liberals. It was psychologists and psychiatrists; the apologists of criminality and moral bankruptcy. It was arrogant, sneering academia. It was irresponsible, indifferent and cowardly men. It was beguiled and knowingly stupid women. It was men of the cloth who abandoned their congregations. It was each and every one of us who should not have been moved from our places. It was all of us who could not find the courage of our convictions to speak out and act. And now they have come for the children and we stand, mute, afraid, indecisive and indifferent. What loathsome and vile creatures we’ve become.”

    Food for thought……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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