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Dust up in Lieksa, khat chewers revolt!

Finns MP Jussi Halla-aho’s demand  for the costs of immigration to be made public, nearly causes a riot among Somalis at the town hall meeting in Lieksa Finland. The difference between the cultures are amazingly clear, there’s to be no public accounting of the costs in paying for these people’s upkeep, and how dare the Finns bring the situation up, and if they do, they’ll start a riot.

H/T: Vasarahammer: Via MTV3

It contains very little information about what actually happened. The Somalis scream and shout and it is difficult to get an understanding of what is the problem. It looks like typical muslim behaviour when the cameras are on. Lieksa has had a large influx of Somalis during recent years.

Vasarahammer adds:

”One minor issue. There was no fisticuffs, but the presentation “almost” resulted in one. The journalists try to create an impression of violent confrontation even though there was none of it. You can also ask yourself, why were there so many Somalis in the audience. There are a couple of hundred of them in Lieksa and looks like half of them were in the audience. Somebody in the local multi-culti establishment had probably encouraged them to go there.

There have been a lot of rumors about Somalis receiving money from the Social Services to buy a car. Also the issue about those gas coupons was raised. Whenever these kind of issues emerge they are downplayed as rumors or innuendo. Lieksa and the North Carelia in general is fairly poor region with a lot of unemployment. They really don’t need the kind of enrichment that Somalis bring.”

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  1. The kaffirs have to pay the jiziya with willing submission, what’s the world coming to! This is rebellion against the law of allah…

  2. The subconscious assumption on the part of the Muslims of Islamic supremacy causes the outrage at the Kuffar’s lack of subordination to them.

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