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Thankfully we have sound scholars like Efraim Karsh to flesh out the true facts surrounding so much of which is mired in half truths and outright falsehoods. He’s hated by many for his efforts, but who cares about they think and say anyways, it’s the facts that matter.


Lawrence was an exceptionally gifted charlatan with a keen eye to networking and self-promotion, who successfully cast his spell on far more senior and accomplished contemporaries, such as Allenby and Winston Churchill, who in his capacity as colonial secretary put the final touches to the post-Ottoman state system. As Lawrence admitted, tongue in cheek, in a rare moment of candor in “Seven Pillars”: “My proper share was a minor one, but because of a fluent pen, a free speech, and a certain adroitness of brain, I took upon myself, as I describe it, a mock primacy.”

lawerence of arabia and his seven pillars of fiction

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  1. Hrmph. The article is devoid of meat. If you read it carefully you only find that it cites a few things that are counter to what is said in Lawerences book. It does NOT say anything that isn’t already widely known.

    It’s not the product of legitimate scholarly work as there was no need to write about where Lawerence’s book deviates from reality because it’s already widely known.

    The article does not say in any detail exactly what Lawrence of Arabia did and does not show it’s significance or lack thereof. It relies instead on wht people said about it.

    That is NOT a small point. A scholar would know that non scholars might NOT know or notice the difference between a fact and someone describing or framing that fact.

    It’s highly suspicious and I’m not surprised to find it coming from a middle eastern “studies” department. Such “professors” are mouth pieces for middle eastern potentates or similar players. He’s either working for Saudis, Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Bottom line is that psychological warfare often involves taking the other sides hero’s down a peg or inverting them. Nothing in that article was not already known and it isn’t remotely akin to actual scholarly work. In fact it’s much more akin to psychological warfare than scholasticism.

  2. Purely coincidental, but I’ve watched this movie today, believe it or not.

    I also seem to remember from history books I’ve read a few years ago that the final stranglehold of Wahhabism on Saudi Arabia was completed due to British meddling in the region. The geopolitical precept of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ had a lot to do with the British allying with the House of Saud, which had to go into hiding to avert the persecution of the Ottoman-backed local dynasty of al Rashid. This dynasty was actually serving in the capacity of an Ottoman vassal state at the time.

    The British curried favor with the the House of Saud, innately linked with the descendants of Abdal Wahhab, to help them take control of contemporary Saudi Arabia, in a bid to keep Ottoman Turkey bogged down on two war fronts, rather than just the one. (respectively the Mediterranean/Bosporus region on the one hand and the region from Syria and Iraq towards the Arabian Peninsula on the other)

    The Hashemites were instrumental in capturing the regions north of Saudi Arabia, vast swathes of the Arabian Peninsula fell into the hands of the Saudi/Wahhab alliance. Both with British help.



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