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Girls of NINE told they can’t wear skirts: School introduces trousers-only rule after youngsters copy celebrities

Indian woman, 24, forcibly married and gang-raped as ‘honour’ punishment after her brother eloped with village girl

Facebook does not consider the ‘Lee Rigby deserved it’ page ‘hate speech’ (Photos) 

The Tories are just as desperate as Labour to hide the real truth about immigration

Shrewsbury rape victim’s warning after two-year ordeal 

Christian Man Tortured In Front of Wife

12 years in jail for Bradford cocaine smuggler

Arab, Muslim states urge truce in Syria for eid feast

Al-Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for Iraq bombings 

Middle East Peace Talks: John Kerry names Martin Indyk as new envoy

Political censorship, Barnaby Jack dies, and the £250,000 synthetic beef burger

Has the Syrian conflict become a regional war? – Truthloader (Pa (Syrian war for dummies)

Al Jazeera talks to Fatah and Hamas spokesmen

Grandmother died moments after becoming ‘very annoyed’ when her front door window was smashed by youths throwing stones
(“Youths” in Bradfordistan)

 It went on sale for $3million last week but failed to get a bid even close to that – or any bid at all.
The famed Schindler’s List closed on eBay yesterday after being up for sale since July 25, when experts said even then the asking price was too expensive.
Oskar Schindler, a factory owner and member of the Nazi Party, saved more than 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factory

Missing boys, 10 and 5, found dead in car boot after father under investigation over disappearance of 50,000 euros crashes car ‘with noose around his neck’

Up to 6,000 ‘beds in sheds’ set-up by rogue landlords are found by spy plane’s thermal image camera

Fifty Shades of Grey – not the Koran – is ‘most requested book at Guantanamo Bay’


Police let gypsy family stay in couple’s £30,000 stolen caravan ‘because moving them out will breach their human rights’

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