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  1. Absolute disgrace…..goodbye Denmark as we knew it.Welcome to the cult from the dark ages that will relegate you to the dark ages.

  2. Have they asked them ?? I doubt it….
    Do a survey and explain what Barbaric Halal is, then come back to me..
    More spin–Lying gits

  3. odds are they have no complaints because usually in these instances, they don’t TELL all the other people it’s halal, so they don’t realize the cow was conscious as it struggled, gurgled, cried out in pain, choked on it’s own blood, and eventually died. or that it was prayed over to a false deity.

    frankly from a food safety standpoint this is appalling. it is well known that meat from halal slaughter is far more likely to be contaminated with pathogens such as E. coli O157:H7. imagine the increased odds of such an infection being fatal when you are already sick or injured enough to be hospitalized!

  4. Useless, gutless idiots in charge of dragging Denmark down to rock bottom.

  5. it seems Europeans are increasingly watching their culture and choice being washed away for Muslim newcomers. granted there’s nothing wrong with reasonable immigration but Europe seems to be allowing it’s own cultural destruction. why are you allowing this to happen?

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