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montrel amusement park ends special halal privliges 23.7.2013

For the boys at Camp Gan Israel in the Laurentians, the trip to the La Ronde amusement park in Montreal is one of the highlights of the summer. Because the camp is kosher, and La Ronde does not sell kosher food, the children have always been allowed to bring in their own snacks.

But after a newspaper went undercover last week to reveal that Muslims and Jews with dietary restrictions were exempt from the ban on bringing food into the park, La Ronde announced an end to the religious accommodation Monday.

“After hearing feedback from our guests, La Ronde would like to clarify that only guests with special medical dietary needs will be considered to bring outside food with them as they enter the park,” communications manager Catherine Tremblay said in a statement.

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  1. They could eat only vegan and solve the problem? In the end, it’s money that rules the day with any business. If the new rule means a loss in ticket sales then it will change. The wise choice is to keep the meat for the majority of the population and introduce a large vegan selection of foods.

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