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This is mirrored in the court systems throughout Europe, you can’t speak truthfully and  factually about Islam, even if you’re quoting in context directly from the koran and hadiths, you’ll be brought up on hate speech charges.

Originally published at Gates of Vienna:

Truth is Now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain

Posted on  by Baron Bodissey

As David Frost used to say every week on the BBC: “That Was The Week That Was”. The past week in the UK will surely be one to remember, both for Britons and for all citizens of what used to be known as the Free World.

Paul Weston has a few words to say to Prime Minister David Cameron and his associates about what they have done to their country.

Truth is now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain
by Paul Weston

“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

— George Orwell

British Home Secretary Theresa May’s ban on civil rights activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller entering Britain is yet another example of our ruling elite’s total capitulation to Islam, a political and cultural/religious ideology which shares its core beliefs with Nazism.

I wasn’t intending to write on this subject; it has already been covered by various authors, but the following email I received from a Canadian WWII soldier changed my mind. Lance Bombardier Richard Field served in the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment and fought for his country and the West as a young man in Europe in WWII. He is now fighting against resurgent Islam, which he correctly identifies as a threat greater even than that of Hitler’s Nazis. Mr Field wrote the following:

“As a Canadian who went to England during WWII as a 19 year old soldier and went into combat in North West Europe to defend our freedoms. The bile rises in my throat at the pitiful behavior of David Cameron and the policies of Britain in regard to anyone from anywhere in the Free Western world being told they cannot come and tell the truth about Islam and the end of our civilization if the political theocracy of that evil is allowed to prevail. I have heard Pamela Geller speak. She not only describes Islam’s theocratic plans to dominate all counties on earth but teaches us how to fight the battle peacefully. Cameron and the British government are cowards, frightened that the Islamists will react violently. This government must be replaced with men and women of the Churchillian and Thatcher courage of steel and purpose. In the meantime the English Defense League and Liberty GB will have to man the barricades until Cameron and his ilk are hung drawn and quartered for treasonous behavior.”

Mr. Field is quite correct that Cameron and company are behaving in a treacherous manner, although perhaps — just perhaps — hanging, drawing and quartering is taking it a step too far… I think a public trial based on Nuremberg is very much needed, though, and if found guilty, banishment to Islamabad or Timbuktu would be quite an adequate punishment for their cowardly appeasement and betrayal of free speech and democracy — both of which exist today only because of the blood and sacrifice of millions of brave, patriotic and decent men like Mr. Field.

Mr. Cameron’s ideological allies in this shameful travesty include the usual assortment of far-left extremists such as Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate, an organisation devoted to silencing any criticism of Islam, but which “puzzlingly” never talks at all about Islamic atrocities committed both in Britain and abroad. Mr Lowles, of course, comes from a Communist background and therefore supports the mass slaughter of millions in the name of his ideology, so we should not be surprised that he is currently allied with Islam, which continues to satisfy Lowles’ blood lust as its adherents rape, murder, torture and bomb their way around the world. Allahu Akhbar!

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