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Just exactly as was warned years ago, and reflects the new strategy of al-Qaida (getting them fighting experience in advance for future single non-related terror cells working independently to spread terror in the West.

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300 Western Converts to Islam Captured Fighting in Syria

Experts worry that there will now be a shortage of converts to Islam to do important work like beheading British soldiers in London and writing books about their time working as guards at Gitmo before they saw the dark.

amascus, 18 June (AKI) – Damascus, 18 June (AKI) – Several hundred westerners including Italians have been captured fighting alongside rebels seeking to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad, government sources told Adnkronos on Tuesday.

“We are holding 300 westerners, of whom six or seven are Italian, according to the information I have. They are all converts to Islam,” the source said.

Converts to Islam are particularly dangerous because they are eager to prove their loyalty and have nothing but Islam in their life anymore.

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  1. These easily led fools and dupes made their choice, let them live with it. My my, now we shall see what happens when all of the romanticism and ‘piety’ wears off , some of these pilgrims are crapping in their pants and will soon see the true face of ‘The Religion Of Peace’.

  2. Make converting to islam a crime, a crime against humanity!

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