No new Syrian regime outrage will ever get the antagonists of the Jewish state into the streets to demonstrate against the carnage, in the way that they regularly slam Israel for the use of road blocks and other defensive means. Nope, I just don’t see that happening at all.

Students ‘killed’ after troops storm university campus

Hundreds of students protested in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo yesterday after President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces stormed the university, allegedly using live ammunition against students and slinging their belongings out of windows during a rampage that left part of the campus in flames.

The raid left at least four students dead and scores were arrested, according to activists, who said the attack lasted into the early hours of yesterday morning and followed a large anti-government rally which drew 1,500 demonstrators. At least 20 more students were reportedly arrested yesterday as they continued to hold protests.

“Most of the students were back in their dormitories when the security forces came in but others ran there for safety. The security forces were armed with machine guns and rifles and (were) shooting at them,” said Abdurrahaman Abu Huthaifa, an activist with the Syrian Revolution Co-ordinators Union in Aleppo. “There was panic, students tried to use desks and tables to barricade themselves in but the shabbiha [government militias] broke them down. We had desperate calls and text messages from people inside saying they were in need of medical supplies.”

Videos posted online showed the aftermath of the attack, with shattered glass on the floor and a man trying to douse smouldering flames with a bucket of water. The university announced it will be closed for at least 10 days.

Mr Huthaifa said it was difficult to verify the number killed as the security forces had taken many of the seriously injured, and possibly some of the bodies, with them when they left the campus. The Local Co-ordination Committees (LCC) put the number at five, with 200 arrested, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said four had died.

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