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But will the majority of Americans buy into it?

The Obama campaign for re-election can be understood and labeled in three words:


Via Breitbart:

In his celebrated address to the Conservative Political Action Conference this past February, Andrew Breitbart predicted that the left and the media would do exactly what they are doing today: concoct false accusations of racism to divide Americans and intimidate opponents of President Barack Obama.

Breitbart specifically singled out Al Sharpton and MSNBC, anticipating that they would cynically use empty “dog whistle” accusations to inflame racial tensions. He noted that it made no sense for Sharpton to have a prime time program “unless you understand what they’re doing”:

This is gonna be the dog whistle election cycle. They tested it in 2011, so that [Sharpton] and his pal Touré, and that punk, Tim Jacob Wise, and Ed [Schultz], and [Rachel] Maddow can sit there and call everyone who’s caucasian racist–“I heard it! I used ‘is’ instead of ‘are’! He’s a racist! That’s a dog whistle”–[and] ignore it when Congressman [Jim] Moran does it against Allen West–no more! We’re gonna go after you.

I bought a dog whistle. I bought a dog whistle factory, and I’m giving you dog whistles. [Applause] And we’re gonna listen to every word that comes out of your mouth, and we’re gonna hold you to the same standard that you hold us–which is an impossible one–and you’re gonna have a hell of a time in 2012 because America’s finally awoken to your Saul Alinsky, bullsh** tactics, and we’re coming to get you. Thank you very much.

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  1. Every time I try to discuss these things with my American friends, I get: “You don’t understand this. In the US, race is a very sensitive issue.”

    Another friend who works for CNN in Hong Kong can’t criticise the CNN “advisers of race and sex questions” based in the US “because they are black”. Every article he writes must go through these censors.

    So yes, I think the Americans will buy into it.

    1. Hi Cecilie, race is a sensitive issue only to those who insist that it must be. I’ve had plenty of Black friends who reject the notion that it’s a “sensitive issue”, its an incredibly patronizing pov. The idea that Blacks can’t discuss it without feeling victimized, generalizes huge portions of that community. The only reason these people are saying race matters,….is that they’ve been trained to think that way, nothing more.

  2. The difference is now the US non- black public is fed up with being called racist when they are not, fed up with being discriminated against for being non- black, sick of seeing free stuff handed out on the basis of skin color, and all the while race hustlers are milking it. Blacks can thank themselves along with MSM and Dems. The non-black public is seeing through this and are disgusted by the way blacks, MSM, and Dems propped up Obama’s failed policies because of skin color. If anything, blacks have set themselves back.

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