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Shamelessly ripped from Vlad, a two hr. old translation of fresh report on the attack. If it were just a person who hated Muslims, you can bet that this story would be plastered all over the internet.

NOTE: BTW, take note of the part in the article about the attacker shouting ‘Salafist slogans’, what is a Salafist slogan? Singing Ramadan carols, like “O tannen-bomb, or Shiias roasting on an open fire”? He was shouting hit verses from the Koran, glowingly jubilant over his cleansing of Islam.

UPDATE: In an petrol attack at a Shiite mosque in Anderlecht one person is dead.

The following is an original translation of an article from Belgian media on the storming and burning of a Shia mosque in Belgium March 12 2012

Thank you Ethan for doing this work for us. To see the original story in Dutch with a few more pictures please click the link above.


Translation below:

The victim, the imam of the mosque, was suffocated in the smoke of the fire that was caused by a molotov cocktail. the Representatives of the Belgian Muslim community say: , “the Salafist movement, a fundamentalist Islamic movement that belongs to Sunni Islam, is responsible for the attack.”

The deceased imam had first tried to extinguish the fire, along with another member of the mosque. All in Vain. Both tried afterwards to get outside through the upper floor, but only one man survived,” said Azzedine Laghmich, a Shiite leader, who works in the mosque. According to Laghmich, a man with a knife and an axe stormed inside the building and started a fire with gasoline. Then he walked back outside, shouting Salafist slogans about the conflict in Syria. Passers-by stopped him him and held him, till the local police came and arrested him.

The Vice President of the French College of the Muslim Executive of Belgium, Isabelle Praile, herself  a Shiite, told the RTBF that witnesses stated, that this action was of an extremist Salafist. “The Rida Mosque, the largest Shiite mosque in Brussels, had a few years ago, been guarded by police after threats of Salafists,” said Praile. The police said that the motive of the arrested perpetrator is still unknown.

Sheik dies:

A witness saw a short man at 19:00 hours Monday set fire to the mosque founded in The Doctor More Manstraat. At that time there were a dozen people in the mosque there. That could leave the building while the fire brigade arrived on the spot. A man was slightly overcome by the smoke but had no medical care is needed.

The firefighters had the fire quickly under control, but after the fire was extinguished, the firemen on the first floor found the lifeless body of the 46-year-old sheik. That was killed in the smoke. Thanks to the witnesses the police could soon pick up a suspect.


Many people ask what the difference is between a Shia Muslim and a Sunni Muslim. Please click more to see the difference:

A Shia Muslim is basically a Sunni Muslim with grass on top.

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  1. I am quite impressed that Vlad and you are so quick of the mark. Keep up the good work.

    Second of all, I was watching the news yesterday evening, (sort of tells you where I am from) and I was immediately thinking about Salafi vs Shi’ite enmity exporting to Europe. That was the first thing that sprang to mind when watching it…

    I suppose those are the joys of multiculturalism we have to live with: Turks vs Kurds, Sunnis vs Shi’ites, Turks vs Arabs, maybe in due course we will find Muslims of other ethnic backgrounds also battling it out on our streets, like Somali vs Punjabi vs Bengali vs Pashtu vs Tajik, and the likes…Or on the eschatological divides within Sunni Islam, like Salafis vs Sufi vs Ibadi vs Ahmadiyya…etc.

    We will be well and truly fucked !

    1. Thanks Anushirvan, that will please Vlad as it does myself. This proves the lie behind Islam that it’s the ROP. Even if every last infidel was removed from the face of the planet, Muslims killing muslims would continue unabated.

  2. I love it when Muslims attack each other, it means that they have less time to attack us. It also demonstrates what a lowly species they are, on a par with Siamese fighting fish or trained fighting dogs who when caged up together, turn on each other.
    I wonder if all the deceased Shia and all the deceased Sunni are fighting each other in Muslim paradise.
    Who’s side will the Prophet Mohammed take? Maybe he has found a little corner of paradise for himself where he can cowardly hide away and not get involved. That way he can get on with raping his 72 little virgin boys in peace.

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