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Nor could it ever be. The ongoing factionalism within the Arab camp is a microcosm of the Arab region as a whole. It’s all about tribes and allegiances, nothing more. Even within the Hamas you have factions vying for power, but don’t let that give you any hope for moderation, as with Fattah, it’s solely a fight between which murdering group of thugs ends up on top the of dust heap.

NOTE: Gazialian kingpin, Haniyeh is of course pissed off with Egypt, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are in tight with Khaled Mashaal, in comparison to Haniyeh who has cast his lot with Iran. Factionalism and ill will in the camp,…I’m pleased.

Egypt and Hamas: The honeymoon that wasn’t


Tensions were on display during the Israel-Gaza fighting last week, when Egypt’s truce efforts repeatedly frustrated.

The high hopes Gaza’s Hamas leaders had in the Egyptian revolution and the ouster of their old nemesis, Hosni Mubarak, have been swallowed up by growing acrimony and traditional distrust.

Tensions were on display during the fighting between Israel and Gaza-based militant groups last week, when Egypt’s efforts to broker a truce were subject to repeated delays and violations. The ceasefire gradually went into affect, and now the two sides are back to sniping over who is responsible for the fuel shortage in Gaza that has been behind weeks of brownouts and blackouts.

Over the weekend, Yusef Rizka, adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, whose Hamas movement has ruled the Mediterranean enclave since seizing power in 2007, charged that the leadership in Egypt is using the fuel crisis for “political extortion.” But Cairo charges that Gaza smugglers are buying subsidized gasoline in Egypt and reselling it at a profit at home.

The latest bickering comes against a background of disappointment on the part of the two neighbors.

Cairo accuses Hamas of taking advantage of the lawlessness in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula by turning a blind eye to a flood of 1,300 stolen cars being smuggled into Gaza and allowing drugs grown there to be shipped out. They accuse the Islamic group of being behind the circulation of some $40 million of counterfeit US currency in Egypt.

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