But first, an in your face video to all the BDS bone-heads out there who think boycotting the only liberal democracy in the Middle East -where Gays, battered women, religious minorities of all stripes, like Bahis, Christians and apostates from Islam can find refuge- is a real smart thing to do.

Sony targets Israeli medical technologies

The company plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Israeli companies and is mulling setting up a development center.

18 March 12 18:54, Gali Weinreb and Shmulik Shelach
Sources inform ”Globes” that Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE; TSE: 6758) is actively seeking to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Israeli medical technologies. The company has established a team to review the Israeli market to seek out companies for investment or acquisition. The team has already held intensive meetings with Israeli venture capital funds and companies. This is the first time that Sony has operated in such a manner and if the process is successful, the company’s acquired or in the investment portfolio may form the basis for a Sony development center in Israel.

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  1. The Sony story is significant. Historically, large Japanese corporations have been very timid in confronting the Arab boycott of Israel. That’s about as nice as I can say it.

    In the past 20 years, Israeli innovations have been impossible for Japanese corporations to ignore. Both countries have some basic things in common:

    1. Both countries generate healthy GDP per capita without the benefit of large domestic petroleum reserves.

    2. Both countries have large population densities.

    If the Japanese sit on their hands and continue to restrain trade with Israel due to Arab/OPEC political pressure, they’ll be left behind while the American and German competition clean up on all the goodies. Someone at Sony must have figured that they couldn’t keep this up forever and keep pace with the competition.

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