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  1. The jury isn’t even in yet and they’re pushing the black victimization agenda, yet again. Without being classified as victims they have no excuses for their failures.

    What about the black victims of black perpetrators, that’s where the majority of “black children murders” come from? No, they don’t talk about THAT.

    I’m sick of this victim crap. It’s time to grow up, get educated, make your own way and stop blaming others for your problems like a bunch of spoiled brats.

    Recently there was an 85 year old white woman raped & beaten to death. Her aged husband beaten within an inch of his life by a black teenager. I have not heard one word of outrage from the black community.

    “The Million Cap March

    In Oklahoma, Bob and Nancy Strait, who had been married for 65 years, had their home broken into by a black teenager unarmed except for a BB gun. The teenager beat and raped the 85 year old Nancy Strait to death. Her husband, a veteran of the 101st Airborne in WW2, is in the hospital struggling to make it.

    There will be no million cap march for Bob and Nancy, two mere Americans, whose deaths cannot educate us on the evils of racism. Their killer will have pro bono lawyers and innocence projects helping him until he’s finally set free again.

    Certainly Obama will make no statement on how Nancy Strait could have been his grandmother or how Bob Strait could have been that uncle who “liberated Auschwitz”. Mitt Romney did not pop up to call for a “thorough investigation”, reminding us of why Santorum kinda had a point about him.

    What’s the real difference between Tyrone Woodfork and Trayvon Martin? It will take a lot of work to make Woodfork look like the martyr that the media has already turned Trayvon into. Instead we’ll get Hour 24 of screeching coverage about Trayvon Martin and white racism because a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain with black family members shot a black teenager.

    President Barack Obama on Friday called for a full investigation into the shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager in Florida, saying the U.S. needs to do some “soul searching” to determine what led to his death

    You know if Obama has enough free time between his golfing, his bankrupting of the United States and his race baiting, he might want to do some “soul searching” to determine what led to the death of a whole bunch of Mexicans south of the border. Hint, it involves his Attorney General who’s foaming at the mouth to intervene in a local law enforcement issue.”-Daniel Greenfield


  2. This story looks very puzzling and on the surface just doesn’t make sense.

    Why was Zimmerman following this youth in the first place and why was he walking around with a gun?

    Whatever the truth of the matter it’s a very bad look for the USA.

  3. We have a constitutional right to arm and defend ourselves to the poster above us, we don’t have to have a reason to have a weapon.

    My only concern about this case is just the fact that I feel a trial hasn’t started and yet most of america feels he’s guilty.

    I personally get tired of the “racial bullshit” that we have every few years, there was also a series of elderly rapes and murders here commited by african americans against Caucasian members but we never decided it was racially motivated. .. he would break into their homes rape them make them take them to the atm rob them and then kill them.

    Plus the pictures that we are seeing of this person are pictures of this child several years ago making him out to look like an angel, which if you do internet searching you can find recent pictures of him the media photos do not accurately represent his image.

    George did habitually call 911 , but in almost every call african americans weren’t involved you can find all this info at the //sanfordfl.gov website

  4. We don’t even know yet exactly what happened. I hope eyewitnesses come forward (if they aren’t afraid by now) and give testimony under oath.
    I’m wondering if the truth finally comes out if there will be public apologies made.
    I doubt it.
    People who irresponsibly jump to conclusions and even act aggressively on them; if proven wrong, probaby won’t accept the truth.

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