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As they should.

If it were any other nation, the Hamas run Gaza Strip would be carpet bombed into smithereens, not one ash can would left on top of another.

Israel will continue air strikes against Gaza “as long as necessary,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, giving no indication that a ground operation was likely for now.

“We extracted a high price from them and will continue to do so,” he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. “We will act as long as necessary.”

His comments came as Israeli war planes carried out four air strikes on Gaza on Sunday morning, bringing the death toll in three days of clashes to 18.

Violence between Israel and Gaza militants erupted on Friday afternoon when an Israeli strike killed the leader of the ultra-hardline Popular Resistance Committees, sparking a bloody cross-border exchange.

Militants have fired more than 100 rockets and mortar rounds into southern Israel in the past three days, wounding four people. Some of them were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system.

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