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These Kurds in Finland have direct links to Mullah Krekar, and are following his orders.

A demonstration by Kurds in Finland took place  in Helsinki last week, on Friday the 2nd of March. They came to demonstrate in front of the Norwegian embassy against two Kurds in Norway that burned the Koran. There are links between the Kurdish group in Finland and the Kurdish terrorist leader, Mullah Krekar, in Norway, who more than likely gave his approval for the demonstration.

The speech delivered at the demo makes it absolutely clear, that regardless of any western ‘offenses’ made against Islam, real or imagined, fundamentalist muslims will invent any narrative and demand yet more appeasement from the west in order to push their agenda further. No apology, declaration of appeasement, nor groveling by our elected officials will ever be enough, they will only use it as evidence of the ‘justness’ of their cause, andtry to further  ‘punish ‘ the west for their un-Islamic behavior.

Get that? These Kurds reject the koran being treated in the same manner as both Jewish and Christian texts are treated by the media and culture. Islam is not to be just one more belief system among equals, but to be supreme over all of them. You can’t get it any clearer than that, and straight from the Kurd’s own mouth.

NOTE: Special thanks to Vlad for uploading this for me, and to Kumitonttu for the heads up.

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