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Indonesian Muslims obviously don’t understand that being an atheist, by default, means that you deny the existence of a creator. I guess that the spelling it out for them online is what gets em all riled up. This of course underlines the premise that there is no freedom to choose within Islam, making it totally incompatible with pluralistic, free market capitalist based democracy. This is not rocket science folks, Islam is easily figured out once you remove your PC blinders.

Calls to Behead Indonesian Atheist Alexander Aan

A defiant declaration of atheism by an Indonesian civil servant has inflamed passions in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, pitting non-believers and believers against each other. The trouble began when civil servant Alexander Aan posted a message on the Facebook page of Atheist Minang, a group of Indonesians with godless beliefs. It read: “God doesn’t exist.”

The post so enraged residents in Aan’s hometown of Pulau Punjung in West Sumatra province that an angry mob of dozens stormed his office and beat up the 30-year-old.

To add insult to injury, police then arrested him and now want to press blasphemy charges that could see him locked up for five years. Muslim extremists have called for Aan to be beheaded but fellow atheists have rallied round, and urged him to stand by his convictions despite the pressure.

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  1. Not to worry folks, islam as practiced in Indonesia is in a “moderate” form and so the fact that Christians are persecuted and churches burnt down must be due to the locals’ failure to understand that they are supposed to adhere to moderate Islam.

    Need to keep that jitzya rolling in from the west every year too.

    And as an after thought, they surely don’t want to offend the kuffar who hand over millions of dollars every year to support their economy.

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