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First, here’s a better video that shows Lars Vilks being actually taken off the stage during a hail of eggs being thrown by mustards in the crowd. You see folks, they came to be provoked, they could have stayed away from the event, voiced their opinions in the press or in the streets in front of the event, but that’s not good enough for them.

They want to dictate to society, through intimidation and fear, what others may or may not see, say or experience. That’s at the heart of sharia, complete submission of the Muslim, and most importantly, the non-Muslim as well. If we allow one bit of sharia to flourish in the west, we risk eventually (decades or centuries), for the entire system to set up shop, and our future generations will bear the brunt for this generations gross stupidity.

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids interviewed Lars Vilks a few years ago in Stockholm, in 2008, watch and read the transcript here.

Lars Vilks egged at ‘Mohammad’ lecture

Published: 22 Feb 12 12:47 CET |

Controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks was forced to dodge eggs thrown by angry audience members while giving a lecture about his Mohammad cartoons and free expression at the University of Karlstad on Tuesday.

”They were also shouting some slogans. We removed them as well as two people who had started shouting back at the 15 (egg throwers). At the time it was a bit tumultuous but the commotion only lasted for about a minute,” said Tommy Lindh of the local police to news agency TT.Vilks was lecturing on freedom of speech at the university on Tuesday evening at the invitation of the university’s association of international affairs (Utrikespolitiska föreningen).

The local Islamic Culture Association (Islamiska kulturföreningen) and Karlstad Young Muslims (Unga muslimer i Karlstad) had called for a boycott of the lecture earlier in the day, writing in a statement that Vilks ”abuses the freedom of speech that we all enjoy and uses it in such a way as to create tension sin society”

Vilks began his lecture bringing up examples of artists who have challenged the boundaries of freedom of speech in different ways, several of whom have been reported to the police and convicted.

Among these was an exhibition on pornographic images of children, Malmö street artist Dan Park’s poster of a black man in chains with the text “Our Negro slave has run away”, Vilks’s own caricature of the prophet Muhammed as a dog and Jesus as a paedophile, according to a university statement.

A short while into the lecture, fifteen people suddenly rose and began throwing eggs at Vilks.

Two other members of the audience reacted against the attack and started shouting at the egg-throwers.

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  1. If muslims take over West today with all the powerful technologies and weapons, we’ll NEVER take West back again, they’re already deeply infiltrated in every western country, we’ve already lost a huge part of West which won’t be recovered with only conversations, no powerful hard reaction from us, we must react against islamic domination as islam orders muslims to act to dominate West, we must give them their own islamic medicine to heal this islamic wound in West

  2. One of the eggs thrown didn’t break. Considering this a part of his ongoing installation, Lars Vilks used this egg as a canvas to paint the face of a “typical islamist”. I can’t help but think that the model for this was a very specific 7th century pedophile. This makes me post the question:

    Is the person that threw this egg responsible for throwing this egg in such a fashion that it didn’t break, thus providing Vilks with raw-material for what might be viewed as a “mo-egg”? Might it be considered a duty for a righteous muslim to kill that guy? And in the case where it’s not possible to ascertain which of these 15 or so ‘tards were responsible for throwing said egg, should responsibility not be shared equally among all of those men?

    picture at the botton of this post on Vilks site

  3. Just shows not only how gutless and ineffective the western police powers have become but also the fact that these same powers are conspiring to deny the people the right to free speech. It was known Vilks was to address the meeting on that subject, his point of view on that subject is also known, for 15 people to be at that meeting carrying eggs is proof of only one thing. A premeditated conspiracy to commit assault. Not a hasty reaction to something he may have said but a planned assault. If they are charged with anything less it caves in to them.

  4. How right the second paragraph of this article is! A couple of days ago I stumbled upon an article at ICLA which praised the Ahmadiyya so-called “moderate” muslim group. The PDF document attached to the article was simply hair-raising. The ahmadiyya claims that Mohammed was pious and peaceful, that he established equal rights between men and women, that True Islam believes in all prophets and religious teachers appointed by God,including Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Zaratustra, Confucius, Krishna, etc…. that islam is the religion of peace, and that Islam re-enforces the concept of humanity and respect for individual liberty, and it also reminds man of his fundamental human right of being free to choose his own religion as it is stated in the Quran that there is no compulsion in religion. The classical taqiyya trick to deceive the naive westerners with suras of the meccan period. There’s no word about naskh (quranic abrogation), of course. Simply catastrophic. And the west continues to swallow the hook. When islam settles somewhere, the place can be disinfected only by force. The not-knowing and/or appeasement of the west regarding islam is outrageous and will have catastrophic consequences.

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