I take the opportunity to celebrate the life and career of Joe Frazier instead.

The man was a class act from beginning to end, unlike the anti-American, Nation of Islam supremacist bigot, Mohammad Ali. The great Joe Frazier died this past year on November 11th 2011, and will be greatly missed, he was the true American champion, in spirit and in deed, who always remained a role model for the young throughout his career and private life. Joe Frazier deserved far more than he ever received.

R.I.P Joe, future generations will come to appreciate your greatness, on and off the canvas.

A-list celebrities attend Muhammad Ali’s Vegas gala

Breitbart: Some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including David Beckham and Stevie Wonder, attended a lavish gala to celebrate Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday.

Ali, who is one of the world’s most recognizable sportsman, turned 70 last month in his home state of Kentucky where he had another celebration.

Saturday’s gala and $1,500-a-plate fundraiser was held in the US boxing and gambling mecca of Las Vegas where Ali won seven prizefights.

Beckham, Wonder and actor Samuel L. Jackson and football player Jim Brown were among the 2,000 guests in attendance who showed their appreciating and admiration for Ali and his legacy at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

The former three-time world heavyweight champ now suffers from Parkinson’s disease which doctors have said could be a result of his boxing career.

You mean from this?: 

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  1. I’m with you. I didn’t realize just how much of a racist Ali was until I read Orianna Fallaci’s ” The Force of Reason”.

    In it she describes a visit with him and how badly he treated her and what he said. Here’s part of what he said: “If I lived in Alabama instead of Florida, I would vote for those who don’t mix whites with blacks. Not guys like Sammy Davis who marry Swedish blonde girls. Dogs must stay with dogs, lice must stay with lice, whites must stay with whites”-page 122 The Force of Reason

    Boy, this creep certainly has the American public fooled.

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