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  1. The problem here in Spain is that people in general are utterly ignorant, and they just do not care what happens around them. And mainstream media simply does not tell a word about these facts exposed by CBN. The tv channels are filled with probably the most stupid programs to be found in the world, people has been idiotized to the extreme and one who does not take the trouble of searching for the proper source of information just thinks that everything is OK. It’s just amazing that even on the streets one sometimes feels that there’s really no crisis. Here where I live there’s almost more shops of elegant dresses for weddings and cocktails that of normal casual wear. These people are just living in a dream. The level of denial is simply outrageous. One sees clearly that the battle to regain control of Europe will begin somewhere in north Europa. Spain will be overwhelmed by muslims, and it will be free of them again once the rest of Europe has already been reconquered. There’s no point on relying on the actual indigenous spanish population. And the few ones like that of the video are truly rare exceptions. Their fight is like that of Don Quijote against the mills.

    Here’s a link to the infamous mosque of Gibraltar: //www.gibraltar.com/sightseeing/ibrahim-al-ibrahim-mosque-gibraltar.html

  2. Sorry, the link about Gibraltar is a bit out of context, because I forgot to add this: “The saudis have sponsored the building of a mosque in Gibraltar, so that the first thing one sees when coming to Spain from Africa or through the Channel… is a mosque.”

    Sorrysorry 😛

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