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Hop on over to Loon Watch, to watch the chief loon, Danios, in action.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

NOTE: Loon Watch all by itself shows the incompatibility of Islam with democracy built upon the principles of the free market, protection of the individual and of property rights etc:

LW: But, Muhammad’s message was more radical than this: in a statement that would make a Republican’s head explode, Muhammad said:

God has made the payment of charity from [your] wealth obligatory on [you], to be taken from the wealthy among [you] and given to the poor. [3]

And further, he said:

God has enjoined upon wealthy Muslims a due to be taken from their wealth corresponding to the needs of the poor among them. The poor will never suffer from starvation or lack of clothes unless the wealthy neglect their due. If they do, God will surely hold them accountable and punish them severely. [4]

The wealthy should not just willingly give their wealth to the poor, but it is the right (haq) of the poor to be granted something from this wealth. The Quran argues that it is from God’s Sustenance from which the prosperous are given their wealth, and that God Himself mandates that a portion of it should be given to the poor:

In their wealth is the right (haq) of the beggar and destitute. (Quran, 51:19)

Not only do the poor have a right to a portion of this wealth, but those who give charity “must wish no reward or thanks” from the one who accepts it (76:9), seeking their reward from God alone. Muhammad obligated a reasonable percentage of one’s wealth to be given to charity (zakat), but recommended giving swaths of it away (sadaqa). He linked charity to salvation, and miserliness in this regard to damnation.

Get that folks? This is what the Leftists and the Mustards have in common, the collectivist, statist mindset, they will determine what is “wealthy” and forcibly deprive you of your property rights. It would not only make a true conservative Republican upset, it goes against the founders and framers of the US constitution, and underlines the threat Islam poses to health of that nation.


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  1. The problem is in commanding and mandating it, The Right has always freely given.

    1. Joy52, you’re exactly right. It’s been proven in statistics that conservatives have the bigger heart in opening their wallets to the underprivileged.

  2. Posted on Looooooooon Watch:
    “Oh God you guys are funny. The writer adds information that is either incorrect or very debatable. And he leaves out information that would make your hair stand on end. But your readers do not know they are being duped. Most of them can’t understand Islam or just don’t want too.
    But you go ahead and keep publishing this inaccuracy. It must be fun for you.

    Loooooooooooon watch…the site good for a laugh.”

    Loon watch should be called Watch Us loons

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