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And of course CAIR (the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front group) is all over this one. The attendant refused her service at the time because of Halloween, the holiday where people dress up covering their faces. It’s well known that thieves use that time period to rob places like gas stations. That aside, if a business has restrictions, not based on race, like shoes and shirt requirements, so too can facial coverings be banned as well.

What if she belonged to a belief system that shunned shoes and shirts, should a restaurant be forced to succumb to her cultish beliefs, and endanger the health of its clients? The list could go on and on. Time to end the nonsense that these ‘mustards’, (Muslims refusing the 21st century lifestyle= sharia advocacy) are pushing upon a free society.

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  1. If the burka wearer wins, I hope people start going places with other stuff covering themselves, until someone comes to their senses. Somebody could cut eyeholes in a vinyl trash can and wear it over themselves into places, or cardboard boxes, dangled beads(the ones people put in doorways), toilet paper themselves from head to toe, make something out of canvas grocery bags(with all the logos showing–but with eyeholes), you could put old credit cards onto duct tape and fashion something,…how about a covering of cabbage leaves, but with an eye slit, or you could glue dead leaves onto something and make a covering.

    Seriously, somebody can create a religion and spoof this, like the Pastafarian in Italy!

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