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The wrath of the utopians this spring

The Tundra Tabloids has been warning about this development for some time now, and has been predicting (while still hoping to be proved wrong) that this year’s election cycle is going to see waves of political violence -coming from the Left of course- as the socialists take to the streets to confront the Tea Party, in trying to make them stay away from openly demonstrating.

It’s no longer going to be seen as a family affair, with tri-corner hats and friendly pic-nics with kids in tow, the Left will be keen to inflict fear into the conservative movements and cause a drastic reduction in public support. Mark my words, these thugs are playing for keeps, and the conservatives have to show that they will not be moved. KGS

US Communist Leader: OWS ‘a Wake Up Call to All Who Remain Committed to a Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Direction’

by Trevor Loudon

You may think the Occupy Wall Street movement is fading away. You may think that colder weather and tougher local authorities will see “Occupy” crumble into nothingness. You may think it was all much ado about nothing.

Well you may possibly be right, but the communist forces who have increasingly infiltrated the movement have a very different view.

To them “Occupy” signifies  is the beginning of the end of capitalism. “Occupy” is a sign  to Leninists the world over that we are entering revolutionary times, and nothing will ever be the same again.


In my opinion, the spring and summer of 2012 will see a big upsurge in revolutionary movements all over the Europe and North America.

Occupy Wall Street will be a big part of that movement. The Workers World Party and the several other Marxist organizations involved will not allow it to die. They see the world on the verge of huge revolutionary change. The anarchists, and malcontents who started the movement will remain, but leadership will increasing fall into the hands of labor unions and highly organized and disciplined Marxist-Leninist elements.’

Read it all here.

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