Oh, it’s a matter of priorities.

The thing is, if you were to own a gun, and manage to hit, let alone kill someone breaking into your home in the dead of night, you would nonetheless find yourself being charged with something. There’s no such thing as “self defense” here in the traditional American sense of the words. You will in fact be prosecuted for defending yourself, which particularly sucks in light of the fact that you just can’t count on the police coming to your aid. KGS

NOTE: The statist politicians always make cuts into the ranks of the first responders, police, fireman etc., but they never take huge swipes against its massive bureaucracy and welfare state. Nope, they’ll tell you that they’re caring for the citizen as they remove the police force that protects them.’

What we really need is protection from these a-hole politicians, and educate people about their individual liberty as sovereign citizens.

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  1. What a crock of crap! The first duty of a government is the security and safety of the citizens and the country. This is a failure of the government. If the violent perpetrators are not apprehended and prosecuted, the violent crime problem will spin out of control to the point that folks will be prisoners in there own homes, venturing out only when necessary. While the political class will get special security. The welfare state is the base for these liberal, leftist politicians. It works like this, they shower the recipients with lavish benefits and in return remain in office in perpetuity. It’s the perfect racket.

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