Utterly disgusting and an outrage!

Is Syria torturing babies to death now? Country’s darkest secrets leaked online in world’s first YouTube war

  • Hundreds of videos uploaded to YouTube by protesters each day
  • Syrian Revolution General Commission preparing for regime change

By Lee Moran

Last updated at 5:09 PM on 10th January 2012

These are the videos that Syrian President Bashar Assad does not want the world to see.

The lifeless corpse of four-month-old Afaf Mahmmod Al-Sarakb lies limp and motionless in a chair – tortured to death by government security officers after her parents were arrested.

The disfigured body of a tortured taxi driver is seen dumped in the street, while a third video shows blood pouring from the arm of a woman gunned down by a sniper.

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2 Responses

  1. The baby story is so sad,it made me cry.
    Did the baby really deserve something like this?

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